Congratulations to Primary Day winners!



      On Tuesday, May 5th nearly 29,000 Democrats came out to support the Marion County Democratic Party’s impressive list of recommended candidates for City-County Council and Mayor of Indianapolis.  Former U.S. Attorney and mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett easily sailed to victory over his opponent.  In contrast, barely 14,000 Republicans showed up to express their confidence in the GOP’s mayoral candidate.  We have the momentum on our side because we as Democrats are right on the issues and we have the best candidates.  Victory in November is within reach, but we have to keep the energy going through the summer.  In order to keep control of the City-County Council, we need your help to canvass neighborhoods this summer and educate Indy residents about our highly qualified candidates.  Give us a call at MCDP headquarters (637-3366) if you want to help, and we will get you connected with a City-County Council candidate that is out knocking on doors.  With your hard work and our outstanding council candidates we can continue to improve Indianapolis, making it the world-class city that Indy residents deserve!