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Congrats to our 2022 winning candidates!

Read a special post-election message from MCDP Chair Myla Eldridge here.

Congressman André Carson


State Senator J.D. Ford

State Senator Andrea Hunley

State Representative Victoria Garcia Wilburn 

State Representative Ed Delaney

State Representative Carey Hamilton

State Representative Mitch Gore

State Representative Reneé Pack

State Representative Cherrish Pryor

State Representative John Bartlett

State Representative Gregory Porter

State Representative Justin Moed

State Representative Robin Shackleford

State Representative Vanessa Summers

State Representative Blake Johnson

Marion County Circuit Court Judge Amber Collins-Gebrehiwet

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears

Marion County Clerk Kate Sweeney Bell

Marion County Auditor Myla Eldridge

Marion County Assessor Joe O'Connor

Marion County Recorder Faith James Kimbrough

Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal

Center Township Trustee LaDonna Freeman

Center Township Judge Brenda Roper

Center Township Constable Denise Paul Hatch


Lawrence Township Trustee Steve Talley

Lawrence Township Judge Kimberly Bacon

Lawrence Township Constable Terry Burns


Pike Township Trustee Annette Johnson

Pike Township Judge Doug Stephens

Pike Township Constable Arthur Rowley, Jr.


Warren Township Trustee Vernon Brown

Warren Township Judge Garland Graves

Warren Township Constable Charles Staples, Sr.


Washington Township Trustee Frank Short

Washington Township Judge Steven Poore

Washington Township Constable Steve Miller


Wayne Township Trustee Jeb Bardon

Wayne Township Judge Gerald Coleman

Wayne Township Constable Kevin Kelly

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