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Fellow Democrats,



On behalf of the Marion County Democratic Party, I want to say thank you for a wonderful and successful Election Day 2022!


To all of our elected officials, specifically, our precinct committee persons and ward chairs, our incumbent township trustees, small claims judges, and constables, thank you for lifting up our communities! To our mayor, our city officials, county-wide officeholders, and legislators thank you for all that you do to make our city a great place to visit, and an even better place to live. To our congressman, thank you for all your work in bringing billions of dollars in investments to our state! To our brothers and sisters in organized labor, thank you for fighting on behalf of working people every day. And to all of our poll workers, campaign volunteers, early voting volunteers, and everyone that helped our party on Election Day, let me say thank you!  You are one of the reasons our democracy still exists!


I am happy to say that Marion County Democrats won, and we won BIG! Before Tuesday's election, Democrats held every county-wide office on the ballot. And after this election, Democrats still hold every county-wide office! We held onto the gains we made in the statehouse, and we are monitoring a few close races as results are still trickling in! Our successes should provide us with a sense of optimism for our future.


Why should you be optimistic? Because Democrats make our city, state, and country better!


Allow me to lay out two very real scenarios for you that could’ve happened.  First, imagine if our Marion County elected officials were Republicans. Can you imagine, having a county prosecutor who prosecutes pregnant women, doctors, and nurses for seeking or providing abortion care? Can you imagine Republican state legislators from Marion County passing more social legislation like banning books from schools and criminalizing what kids learn?


Instead of imagining that nightmare, we can enjoy the reality of talented, smart, and innovative Democrats running for office and winning. Democrats like Prosecutor Ryan Mears, who has done an excellent job of getting convictions on violent criminals, and has helped reform our justice system for the better. Democrat state legislators like Cherrish Pryor, Greg Taylor, Greg Porter, JD Ford, Robin Shackelford, and our entire Marion County delegation who have fought to help Hoosiers have stronger public schools and lower prescription drug costs. A few months ago, Democrats like Congressman Andre Carson, brought down healthcare costs, and energy costs by passing the Inflation Reduction Act. Not one Republican in Congress voted for the bill. Democrats like Congressman Carson led the way to the largest investment in our nation’s infrastructure in a generation. And let us not forget about our judiciary.  We are ensuring that our judiciary looks like America. Women like Amber Collins-Gebrehiwet, our next Circuit Court Judge, is someone we can count on to be fair, impartial, and compassionate.


Democrats like you all are why I am optimistic for Marion County! But, let me ask you to imagine, just one more time. But this time, imagine that we have done even better. Imagine that we have more Democrat state legislators. Imagine that we defend our other county-wide seats in future elections. Imagine more Democrats in Congress. Imagine more statewide elected officeholders. Imagine it being easier to vote by mail in Indiana. Imagine a state legislature that makes childcare more affordable. Imagine congress codifying Roe v. Wade, and passing the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act!


If we can maintain our momentum and keep voting Democrats into office, we will not have to use our imagination; we will create a better tomorrow.


So I ask you to continue to stand with us as we fight to protect the rights of women, members of the LGBTQ community, workers, immigrants and all our families. This is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Tuesday's election results is how we met the moment. Because Democrats won BIG in Marion County, I can confidently say that Marion County Democrats will move Indianapolis forward toward and continue to build a stronger, better and more inclusive community. 





Democratically yours,


Myla A. Eldridge

Chair, Marion County Democratic Party

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