Today Governor Pence signed the Republican Religious Freedom and Recovery Act (RFRA).  This is a sad day for Indiana.  Whether the GOP will admit it publicly or not, this legislation is designed for one thing and one thing only: to discriminate against thousands of Hoosiers.

This legislation is already affecting our economy.  Several conventions are threatening to never return to Indiana and large employers are reconsidering their location and expansion plans.  Why?  Why are we here?  The sad truth is that Hoosiers find ourselves in this ugly situation because of the stubborn focus of the GOP’s rigid ideology.  This is not the Hoosier way.  This is not what we expect from our government leaders, but this is what we are forced to suffer.

Hoosiers are kind, honest, helpful and strong.  RFRA is none of those things.  RFRA is small, hurtful, discriminatory, and has no place in our law.

Thank you to the Democrats in the legislature who stood up to fight this bill.  Thank you to the thousands of Hoosiers who rallied, called, Facebooked, and tweeted your objections to RFRA.  Mike Pence and the GOP have chosen to ignore the will of the people in order to adhere to their rigid ideology.  Now they hope we will all forget their arrogance before the next election.  I won’t.  Will you?

Stand up to Mike Pence and other GOP bullies. Help us fight them. Please take a moment to contribute today!